Hi! I’m Mike Langston, a freelance web developer with a passion for all things open source. I work with languages like Ruby, PHP, Javascript, SCSS, CSS, and HTML. I use frameworks and libraries like Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Bootstrap, and jQuery to speed up development time. I love talking about code and building custom websites and applications. Need help on your next project? Contact me to see what solutions I can provide.

JavaScript Exit Overlays & Session Storage

August 7, 2017

A while ago I was asked if I could create a last minute conversion popup, or as I like to call them Exit Overlays. The

Using Rails Gems to Learn and Launch your App

December 5, 2015

Learning Ruby on Rails can be a difficult task when you just start out. Having to learn the MVC architecture, rails standards, routes, and where

Knowing SQL

August 12, 2013

Learning web design and development, many times you focus on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You may even focus on the latest trend in design. I